Fund for ZSL by Scheinberg Relief Fund

Crucially, the donation from the Scheinberg Relief Fund provided the boost needed for ZSL’s fundraising appeal and has encouraged others to support them through this unprecedented time in their history and continue to create a world where wildlife thrives.


Mark Scheinberg is an Israeli-Canadian businessman, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and founder of Mohari Hospitality, a global investment firm, specialising in real estate investments with an emphasis on luxury hospitality. Mark Scheinberg and his family founded The Scheinberg Relief Fund in March 2020, to help tackle the direct impact of Covid-19. With an allocation of US$50M,Continue reading “MARK SCHEINBERG and THE SCHEINBERG FAMILY”

Scheinberg Relief Fund works for COVID-19 Pandemic

The Scheinberg Relief Fund works as COVID-19 Relief Fund. It is focused on giving effective money related guide, backing and alleviation to families and networks influenced by COVID-19. This incorporates the circulation of defensive gear , food to the powerless and distraught, care to the old, and creature government assistance.

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